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Project Ahimsa, a global effort to empower youth through music founded in 2001 by  Tejas Patel, Vijay Chattha and Nihal Mehta. 


The impetus behind forming the organization was to transcend socio-economic and religious boundaries to create a unifying force bridging all cultures, religions, regions, generations and classes. Project Ahimsa’s mission is to empower youth though developing and supporting community based music, athletic and environmental education.

The name 'Ahimsa' was thus chosen to effectively describe a movement and organization through which non-violence and cross-cultural understanding could be spread. Because reaching perfect non-violence is an ongoing process for us individually and collectively, the organization was given the title Project Ahimsa. Our chosen medium through which to raise the awareness for non violence?

Music and the arts.

Operating in many violence affected parts of the world, Project Ahimsa believes that music can be an outlet for creativity and can create cross-cultural understanding that ultimately brings people together to communicate and heal in a constructive and peaceful way.

Since its inception the Project Ahimsa family has grown wider to include many talented and passionate music teachers, students, performers, djs, artists, partner organizations, corporations and gracious donors. Project Ahimsa's website, newsletter and blog communications reach over 10,000 people worldwide.



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Empower Youth Through Music

Jai jagat

World Tour 2019

In 2019, 17 children set out from the slums of India with a message to inspire the World. 


Their journey to discover their fullest potential, against all odds, has spanned 11 cities in the US and UK and have touched thousands of lives so far.

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